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Post Traumatic Growth Book

Post-Traumatic Growth


 thriving in the face of adversity

We will all experience severe adversity at some point in our lives.  In the

face of profound loss, some of us eventually open up to life, becoming kinder, wiser, happier, freer, and more loving.  Yet others remain trapped

and blocked, never getting past it.  The majority of us –a sad statistic.        

But why only some and not others?  Why do some of us keep evolving  

and others stay stuck?  Post-Traumatic Growth sheds light on these very questions and helps guide you through the dark.  It tracks the process of proceeding from immobilization and suffering to healing and thriving and actually flourishing. It’s about coming to life, no matter what.


Post-Traumatic Growth chronicles the stages so you can identify where 

you are on the spectrum and embrace each stage as a key developmental

step in the process….and recognize this process as not just suffering, but    

a journey that is taking you somewhere: on your path of emotional healing, growth and transformation. It offers penetrating insights, catalyzing questions, guiding exercises, inspiring true stories, and effective strategies for managing pitfalls and staying on track.


A practical resource,  Post-Traumatic Growth provides an evidence-based blueprint for working through unresolved emotional issues, releasing pain, overcoming impediments, optimizing your innate strengths and giving birth to who you have the capacity to become: more joyful, wholehearted, loving, authentic, autonomous, resilient, and evolved. It’s a GPS for the soul.



Not since Elizabeth Kübler Ross wrote about stages of grieving, has an author explored transformation experientially, as a crucial aspect of human development.  Post-Traumatic Growth is such a book. It's about real people navigating through key turning points, progressing from crisis and adversity to thriving and evolving.  

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