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"A roadmap for navigating the grit of life, in this wonderful book, Brenda Ungerland has also given us the tools to emerge into grace. A must for anybody searching to reinvent their trauma story into a source of personal power."                                                Chantal Pierrat, CEO, Emerging Women


"Post-Traumatic Growth will provide great reassurance to those facing the inevitable stressful events that life brings. Brenda Ungerland relates her broad professional experience with those who have not only survived dark moments, but have benefited immensely from confronting them.  Her understanding of the process and steps needed to move forward make this invaluable book a gift of hope."

    Robert N. Marshall, Jr., M.D., Director and Associate Professor Emeritus of Pediatric Endocrinology, University of                  Tennessee School of Medicine at Chattanooga


"An exquisite blueprint, providing clear step-by-step directions for how to move from a state of anxiety and uncertainty to one that embraces the challenges of growth and change. I loved this book and know it will help thousands."

    James Weil, retired senior executive of a major financial institution

"As an attorney representing women who have suffered PTSD from being sexually harassed at work,  it is important for victims to know that others have survived and even been strengthened by traumatic experience."                                                                                      Richard Braun, JD, Nashville, TN


"Trapped emotions often lead to abnormal bodily tensions causing chronic pain complaints.  Besides physical medicine, individuals desperately need emotional assistance and enhanced levels of mindfulness. Post-Traumatic Growth addresses these and other important psychological issues, providing valuable insights and tools needed for management."

   Nicholas F. Quarrier, DPT, MHS, OCS. Clinical Associate Professor Emeritus of Physical Therapy, Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY.


"Life is hard. I wanted to know why many people are destroyed by it but others triumph over it. Post-Traumatic Growth gave me some answers and a path forward that seriously changed my life when I needed it most. Questions, exercises, stories, tools, etc. -- sooner or later, everyone needs this book."

    Former patient and seminar attendee, New Canaan, CT

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