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Health psychologist, author, seminar leader, teacher of yoga and meditation. 


Our capacity for flourishing despite adversity has been a fascination of mine since childhood. Although my parents were devastated when my brother died at age 11, they came back to life wholeheartedly, embracing the present with an abundance of love, joy, kindness, and generosity of spirit. No doubt it shaped me. Witnessing their example, I longed to shed light on this very question of why and how some people are able to face unspeakable tragedy, heal from profound loss, and go on to flourish and actually evolve. This is the thread running through my life's work.


Research in Transformative Experience involving Learning, Healing and Growth.

Graduate studies at Columbia University and Yale University; post-graduate studies

at Harvard University Medical School. The study of meditation and yoga in South Asia and India, have further informed my work as a health professional for over 30 years.

Recent Seminars and Workshops include Bridgeport Hospital Yale-New Haven, St.Vincent’s Medical Center, Whittingham Cancer Center, Pri-Med Medical Center, Norwalk Hospital, Heart Institute, Mid-Fairfield Hospice, Association for Spirituality     and Psychology, Unitarian Universalist Church of Westport.



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